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Since 1994, our team has helped over 100 travel businesses and organizations increase arrivals, sales, profits, create tourism marketing plans, reach goals, start or rejuvenate tourism projects. Our clients include new and mature: adventure travel, ecotourism, nature and cultural travel tour operators, lodges, destinations, wholesale and retail travel agencies, visitor bureaus, tourism ministries and tourism associations.

If you want to read business and marketing articles, tourism marketing online course and seek solutions to help your tourism marketing, sales, Internet marketing, publicity, management, operations, customer service and strategic planning – then read on, you have come to the right place.

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“I made $4,000 in new travel sales in minutes!”

  • Austin’s Alaska Adventures

  • Iditarod Hall of Fame Inductee

To find out how you can apply the same simple, low cost strategy like Jerry did to radically increase your arrivals and sales – no matter if you are a destination, tour operator, lodge or travel agent.

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PS. It’s much easier then you’d ever imagine…

Jerry Austin and Tim Warren


Tourism Marketing Success Online Course

We are dedicated to being THE SOURCE for tourism marketing and travel business resources for adventure travel businesses, nature tourism and ecotourism industry professionals. If you want to turbo-charge your tourism marketing profits and arrivals, then check out our new tourism marketing online course & professional development products.


What would 10, 40, 100, 500 New

Arrivals & Sales Be Worth To You?


90% of your new prospects are learning about your travel offerings through your written marketing materials, i.e. travel web sites, brochures, trade show stands, postcards and advertising and more. 

Are you converting as many of these into sales as you want? Probably not.

If you do not quickly communicate why these prospects should choose your destination, tour, cruise or service, you are loosing lots of sales and money!


Check out the powerful online course now. See how a few simple changes in your tourism marketing communications can double or triple your sales and arrivals!


“Tourism Marketing Success” is a step by step, easy to use, how-to online course guaranteed to help you create powerful marketing communication that will increase your phone calls, e-mails and sales conversions – Guaranteed!


"His tips, while simple, are extremely powerful and make this book a must-read for anyone in the tourism industry." For more of Carol’s comments and others, click here.

Carol Patterson’s Review
Author: The Business of Ecotourism

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Partial Tourism Client List and Advisory Boards
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in your ecotourism and adventure travel business.

  • Las Animas Ecolodge - #1 Tripadvisor Specialty Lodging in Baja California
  • Mongolian Tourism Assn. & Board
  • Baja AirVentures
  • Barcardi Global Brands, Inc
  • Austin-Lehman, global
  • Explore Bolivia
  • Mariah Wilderness Expeditions, global
  • Whitewater Excitement, Inc.
  • J.E. Austin, Global
  • Dominican Republic Ecotourism – USAID
  • Maverick Business Adventures, Global
  • Lost Campers, USA
  • Austin’s Adventures, Global
  • Adventures Panama
  • Beyond Tourism Belize
  • Hamanasi Adventure Resort, Belize
  • Let’s Tour Bangkok, SE Asia
  • Motherlode Adventure Center, CA
  • Jimmie Jack Fishing, Alaska
  • One World Travel Mart, US
  • Patagonia Explorers
  • Right Path Adventures, Global
  • Stone Horse Mongolia
  • Tightline’s Fishing, US
  • Wild Women Adventures, Global
  • Discover Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • Alaska Tour Guides
  • Magic Day Adventures, Barcelona
  • Sea Kayak Adventures, Global

  • Scared Rides Mountain Bike Adventures, Global
  • Mountain Training School, Patagonia
  • Florida Keys Vacations Visitors
  • Globos de Los Andes, Peru
  • Adventure Travel Outfitters, US
  • Alaska Log Raft Adventures
  • Panama Highland Guest Hacienda
  • Panda International, China
  • Backcountry Adventures, US
  • North Star Adventures, Canada & Mexico
  • Mountain Lynx Adventures, US
  • Another Land African Cultural Tours, Africa
  • Adventure Quest, Alaska
  • Columbine Guest Ranch, Colorado
  • Bidwell Adventure Planning, US
  • Hinterland Escapes, US
  • Inca Adventures, Peru
  • Preferred Travel, US
  • Aquatels, Puerto Rico
  • AirCharterNet, US
  • Eco Voyager, Venezuela
  • Tzanza Adventures, Peru
  • Celebrate Virginia Eco-Adventure Resort
  • Austin's Alaska Adventures
  • Another Land E. Africa Cultural Tours
  • Chemonics Int., Global
  • The Competitiveness Initiative, USAID Mongolia
  Tourism Workshop Leader & Advisory Board
  • Virgin Unite/Maverick Business Virtual Mentorship Program, South Africa
  • One World Travel Mart
  • Governor’s Agri & Ecotourism Annual Conference, Nebraska
  • Adventure in Travel Expos
  • Icon Tourism, Australia
  • International Adventure Travel and Outdoor Sports Expo
  • International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT )
  • The Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • World Congress on Adventure Travel and Ecotourism
  • International Tourism Expo, Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic Ecotourism – USAID

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For many years we have been writing and collecting articles to provide answers and solutions to your top needs, concerns and questions.


Some of the many topics include:


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Tourism Marketing • Business Strategies • Trainings

Adventure Business Strategies primary role is to increase your arrivals and profits by creating an actionable blueprint for your tourism marketing and ecotourism business success and helping implement it. Our many years of marketing, sales, publicity, management and entrepreneurial experience combined with hands-on marketing and operational successes in the adventure travel, nature and eco-tourism industry, yields great results for our clients.

Check out the Professional Services and Client Reviews pages to learn about our tourism marketing, travel industry trainings and business consulting. See why Adventure Business Strategies clients are such “happy campers. Call or E-mail today, you’ll be glad you did.


“If you don't know or currently work with Tim Warren you should. Tim is a rare breed of impassioned individuals who has dedicated his career and life to the promotion of travel and its success as a growing industry. His perspective and advice has always been right on and he has the ability to cut to the chase... to what really matters in your business.

Dave Wiggins, General Manager: Austin-Lehman Adventures


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